Red cap is a mythical creature which is believed to haunt the castles found along the border region between England and Scotland. They were known to kill the traveller who finds a shelter in the ruined castles of border region. They were also known to kill the victim by rolling boulders which would spill the victim’s blood making them the cruellest mythical creature of Scotland folklore.

But the fortunate part was if you read out some verses from the bible the red caps would disappear with a loud scream.

Red caps were described as short old men, with long hairs, red eyes, and long nails and pointed protruding teeth. They used to wear a blood-soaked red colour cap, thus got the name, Red cap. Though they wore iron boots, they were fast and would kill the person either with a bite of their sharp-pointed teeth or with a Scythe.

The mystery behind the red colour of their cap is brutal. They kill people so they can dye their cap in the victim’s blood, as the colour if dries out, which they avoid at any cost, will lead to their death.

Red caps are considered as the most dangerous mythical creatures in the history.

One piece of advice; if you are lost in the Scotland and looking for a shelter to spend night, avoid staying in the ruined castles or at least mug up the scriptures that might save your life.

Haunting castles of border region, killing victim by the rolling boulders so as to soak their cap in victim’s spilled blood are some of brutal facts which make this mythical creature as the fiercest fairies in the mythology.

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